UP10TION releases a colorful music video for track, “Light”

T.O.P Media’s UP10TION is back with a sexy music video for track, “Light” on September 24, 2020. The song serves as the title track for their ninth mini-album titled, “Light UP” released on the same day. This album consists of six songs in total, with members Kuhn and Bit-to having taken part in the lyric writing of a number of songs. The title track has been composed by Choi Hyun Jun and Kim Seungsoo.

Song NameWritten ByComposed By
Light (Title)Hyun- Jun 
Choi, Seung-Soo Kim Kuhn, Bit-to
Hyun- Jun 
Choi, Seung-Soo Kim
Destiny$UN Kuhn, Bit-to $UN Moon Kim Min-soo Bae $aimon
Stop the ClockMiseong (Music Cube) Kuhn Bit-toSimon JanlovMLC 
DawnYOSKE Alive Knob Kuhn Bit-toLee Min-young (Eastwest) YOSKE Holy M
Waiting For You zomay OBROS real-fantasy MAYFLY Kuhn Bit-to OBROS zomay real-fantasy MAYFLY
Empty HouseRyan IM Kuhn Ryan IM Kun 
Song credits

“Light” is a dance pop song, with a retro groove to it. It combines the sounds of intense synths with a funky electric guitar, making for quite a unique sound.

Check out the music video for “Light” here –

Light – UP10TION

Drawing from the title of the song, the concept unsurprisingly is related to light, however, the idea of the members’ being “Light Hunters” in search of a lost light is a very interesting concept. This is shown very well through their lyrics which is about the members chasing after each other’s light, thus inadvertently, illuminating each other (which could be a metaphor of finding one’s true self). The lyrics say,

“Open your closed heart,

So that you can slowly feel all of me.

Get your locked heart out,

So that I can become the light embracing you./

Well, you know it well,

I’ll run to the bright light./

Shine on my heart as it is

The way it is now, it’s alright…”

Light – UP10TION

The members powerful and passionate vocals and the fast-paced raps are able to deliver the meaning of the song well.

Still from music video (Light – UP10TION)

The music video for the song is very aesthetically pleasing with its use of various colours, with the seven members representing the seven colours present in light when split through a prism. In fact, the imagery of the prism is very evident in the video, as it probably shows the uniting of all the members to find the ‘lost light’. We also get to see the intense as well as sexy choreography being performed by the members in the video.

Listen to the album on Spotify here –

Light UP – UP10TION


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