UNVS sing love for their fans in ‘The Prologue’

Boygroup UNVS latest Single β€˜μ†Œμ„€The Prologue’ which was released on 19th November on audio, got it’s own music video on the 3rd of December. Written as a song dedicated to their fans, UNUS, β€˜The Prologue’ is a complete change from their previous single β€˜Sand Castle’, which was a groovy and energetic dance number.

Soft to the ears and soothing to the heart, ‘The Prologue‘ is a warm song that treasures the relationship the group has with their fans, giving back the love and gratitude they receive from them. Especially in the time of this pandemic, UNVS sings of how their fans have always walked with them from the start till today, and hopes that the day will come soon when they can meet again. Until then, they hope that this song provides the fans with comfort and cheer.

β€˜The Prologue’ was teased with a picture of a closed book with its cover decorated by the UNVS logo and alphabets of μ†Œμ„€ (Novel, fiction) scattered about. It is said to be written as a record of the journey of UNVS from their formation, through connecting with UNUS, till the present, singing of a bright future, as well.

UNVS Single ‘The Prologue’ Music Video

Keeping things real:

The music video for β€˜The Prologue’ is just as sweet as the song. With no artificial scenes and glamorous outdoor locations, the video is filmed in a simplistic recorded-with-a-smartphone style. The five members, Jun.H, YY, Eunho, Changgyu, and Jen, feature as their own selves with clumsy hair, masks and casual outfits (but looking handsome as ever!).

This behind-the-scene look – them working on their music and being silly and having fun – gives the whole song an even more personal touch, as the message goes right to the hearts of all the UNUS watching. The element of β€˜fiction’ is indeed scattered all around the place and efforts have been made to express more of the reality than fiction.

It’s notable that UNVS leader Jun.H has participated in writing the lyrics and composing β€˜The Prologue’, along with room102, who has also arranged the song. With a calm tempo, soothing voices and touching lyrics, β€˜The Prologue’ is a beautiful song that shows UNVS’ skills of covering diverse genres and styles in their music. We look forward to the new story that unfolds with β€˜The Prologue’.

You can listen to UNVS’ new single β€˜The Prologue’ on Spotify and Apple Music.

Picture Courtesy: UNVS Official Twitter; Video Courtesy: SME (on behalf of CHITWN MUSIC INC.)

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