BerryGood released their 4th mini-album [UNDYING LOVE] on 19 January 2021 with its title song ‘Time For Me‘ . The title song is a good interpretation of Citipop music from the ’80s. This song is produced by Tushar Apte, A Wright, Shark, and Tiaan Williams, who co-composed songs of BTS, BlackPink, Twice, and Chris Brown.

The title song ‘Time for me‘ is of retro funky genre which makes you excited just by listening to it. It is a song with a rhythmic guitar sound that brings out the overall atmosphere and a fresh and warm tone unique to BerryGood. The point is the melody of the chorus and it is a song that contains the desire to be together with loved ones.

The second song in the album is ‘Laughing for a day or two and crying for three days and four days‘. It is a ballad song released by the group after a long time. It is a song about the complex emotions that you feel each day after parting with a loved one. BerryGood’s delicate vocals, lyrical piano melody, and magnificent string sound, harmonizes well, enhancing the richness of the song.

Accico’ is the third song in the album which is a fairy tale that says, “The best days and the moments of my life are called with a summoning magic, and the happiness of that time is conveyed to the present self through music, giving courage and hope.” The title of the song ‘Accico‘ is made with the meaning of moving forward toward a better future and expresses the will to overcome the pandemic, recalling the best memories with BerryGood during a difficult time.

The music video is quite refreshing and pleasant. The group’s vocals and visuals add up to the aesthetic of the video which compliments the song and the overall concept that impacts the audience.

You may check out the music video for ‘Time for me‘ here :

베리굿 (BerryGood)-할래 (Time for me
1.Time for me LYRICS BY Lucy, Mongsil AB, Johyun
COMPOSED BY Shark, Tushar Apte, A Wright, Tiaan Williams, Jedi, Lim Sung Chul
ARRANGED BY Shark, Tushar Apte, A Wright, Tiaan Williams, Jedi , Lim Sung Chul
2.Laughing for a day or two and crying for three days and four daysLYRICS BY Min Myung-ki COMPOSED BY minmyeonggi this ARRANGED BY yiseokju, interest rate (current arrangement BY jeonjuhyeon)

Image/video courtesy – JTG Entertainment Co., Ltd.

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