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YG Entertainment rookie boy group TREASURE made their much anticipated Japanese debut with the full album TREASURE -[THE FIRST STEP : TREASURE EFFECT]and new original title song “BEAUTIFUL” on 31 March 2021. The album contains the Japanese versions of the 12 songs the group has released in Korean earlier. The title song “BEAUTIFUL,” is also the theme song for the anime “Black Clover.”

According to Soompi, TREASURE on April 1 topped the Oricon’s daily album chart dated March 31 with their first Japanese full album. While, the album also rose to No. 1 on Line Music’s Top 100 chart immediately after its release, and it took top spots on Japan’s iTunes chart and Rakuten Music.”

The lyrics of the song have been kept simple, yet it conveys a positive message to its listeners. The song emphasizes to look at how beautiful your life is even with so many complications. TREASURE asks Tueme’s (TREASURE fandom) to look at new days as a new beginning again, to not hesitate in whatever path they choose to, keep the hope maintained. And that TREASURE will always be there together to follow Tueme’s in their journey and vice versa.


Any future

It will spread if I am with you

A stretch of hope

Wherever you go

Don’t let go of my hand

I want you to continue forever

The world is so beautiful…

TREASURE – Beautiful

The music video is a treat to your eyes, with clouds scenes, the members just having fun with each other and the overall color palette just fit for spring.

You can watch the music video for “Beautiful” here –


You can watch the short clip of “Beautiful” used in the anime “Black Clover” here –


You can listen to their Japanese album here on Spotify and Apple Music.


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