Treasure believes in good times in ‘My Treasure’

After a rather successful debut year, boy-group TREASURE has started 2021 with their first full album and title track “My Treasure“. The album, titled “THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT” was released on all major platforms on 11 January 2021. They also released the music video for the title track on the same day.

Although the album contains 10 songs (+2 CD-only tracks, which are new versions of old songs), only 3 of them are new releases in the true sense. The album includes all the 6 tracks released by the group so far as single-albums. This is something that labelmate and seniors ‘BIGBANG‘ did with their MADE series. The rest include the title track ‘My Treasure’, ‘Be With Me, ‘Slowmotion’, and (finally) the official digital release of their YG Treasure Box song – ‘Going Crazy’.

My Treasure‘ finds its lyricist in BIGTONE, MIN YEON JAE, along with the rappers of the group CHOI HYUNSUK, YOSHI, and HARUTO. FUTURE BOUNCE, AFTRSHOK , GEIST WAY , CSCS , H.Kenneth , and pollock are the composers for the song. FUTURE BOUNCE and AFTRSHOK are also responsible for the arrangement.

Watch the Music Video for ‘My Treasure’ here:

A departure from their earlier title tracks that depicted a strong yet fresh youth-like charm, This song uses a more mature and soft sound. The retro inspirations are very evident. The song does break into a trap-based instrumental for the rap-verses, it remains very soothing for the most parts.

The songs revolves around the theme of motivation and believing that the future will be better. It also encompasses the wish that people have regarding the times that are about to come. A perfect song for the situation the world is going through, and it appears that was the motive.

Staying true to the lyrics and music, the music video explores the theme of overcoming hardships of present for a better future. Although we see some sad scenes, most of the video holds a merry and cheerful vibe. It is very colourful, to say the least, and fairy-tale-like sets just add to its beauty.

The other two new songs are also on the softer side, but with distinct feels. ‘Be With Me’ sounds very fresh and has very minimal instrumentals. It’s almost a confession song. ‘Slowmotion’, on the other hand, features a more serious, heavy on emotion production. It almost feels like a sequel to ‘Be With Me’. It expresses the heartfelt wish to be with someone you love for a long long time.

Here’s the Spotify Link to the album: Spotify – THE FIRST STEP : TREASURE EFFECT

my treasure


Image: TREASURE MAKER (@ygtreasuremaker) / Twitter , THE FIRST STEP : TREASURE EFFECT – 벅스 (

Video:TREASURE (트레저) – YouTube


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