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Transcend to a new “GAUSSIAN” plane listening to Youra!

Youra - Gaussian

Singer-songwriter Youra (유라) has released an EP called “GAUSSIAN” on 2 February 2021. Her EP consists of a total of six tracks, having two titles “MIMI” and “PINK!“. The side B tracks include “ZEBRA”, “AIRPLANE MODE”, her prelease song RAL 9002 ft. HEIZE and “BYE BYE” An official music video for the title track “MIMI” was also released on her YouTube channel. Gaussian is an album that encapsulates Youra’s honest felling and worries that she tries to capture as a musician

Delving Deep into the Title

The music video is kind of abstract. It almost depicts two timelines in Youra’s mind. One portraying a new relationship, where the lovers adore each other. While the second one where it is a spoilt love. This is depicted in the 3D abstract in the music video.

You may watch the official music video for first title track “MIMI” here –

MIMI – Youra

Mimi’ is an R&B & Soul genre song with a prominent bassline, strings, and synth. Youra whose specialization is Future Bass, Retro Soul, and Alternative Rock creates a new plane through her music. The melody is complimented with her vocals and it reflects what she aims at completely.

The pertinacity that I have kept in music, is like long hair – it is beautiful and long. However, this new year I want to cut it short sport a “new year, new me” kind of look musically, but instead, I plan to take it slow over the year.

Youra – Album Introduction for Gaussian

Lyrics portray the longing of a beloved. It comprehends the feeling of an incomplete search. As if the past was just a dream, all that remains is cold and empty hands. An excerpt from the lyrics is below!

친구야 날 좀 찾아줘
Hey, buddy, find me.
미미하게 사라져

(I/we have) Disappeared insignificantly

MIMI – Youra

You may listen to the album on Spotify here!

Music, Video and Image Credits – Stone Music Entertainment, Mun Hwa In, Genie Music

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