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The “Light” shall always cheer you up – Colde

Colde released his new single “Light” on 1 April 2021. Colde belongs to the label WAVY that was founded by him in 2018.

The song marks his comeback since the release of his EP “Idealism” from January 2021. The EP consisted of 7 tracks and was an expression of his thoughts and ideal. Read more about the EP here. Colde has been active since 2015 and has contributed not only as a singer but also as a songwriter and composer for his work and various other artists as well.

The single “Light” is part of the K-R&B and Soul genre of music. Written by Colde himself the song is described by Colde as “The light that can follow our dreams will always be with us”.

The song is a message to cheer up a loved one who has been having a rough time. Colde encourages them to get out and dance in the rain, drop all their worries and eventually everything will be okay.

When you don’t have anything

It’s okay to lose everything

If you fall, shake it again and get up

Colde – Light

The music video features Colde singing his heart away. The video is taken in a beautiful house with a bright aesthetic to help lift the mood. With a pop of color here and there contributed by flowers and decorations, the video is sure to bring a smile on your face while you vibe with the music.

Colde – Light

The start of the video is especially captivating and soothing to the eyes and mind as it showcases the best that the Spring season has to offer. The video also includes lyrics to encourage the listeners to sing along.

The song was composed by Colde with the help of Hassan Malik and Basecamp.

Listen to Colde’s cheerful single on Apple Music and Spotify

IMAGE courtesy- WAVY label
VIDEO courtesy- Kakao Entertainment

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