The journey goes on; Dystopia: Road to Utopia by Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher made a comeback with their 6th mini album “Dystopia: Road To Utopia” on 26 January 2021. The album is the final part of the ‘Dystopia’ trilogy and features 6 tracks including the title track “Odd Eye”, for which a music video was released. This comeback is notably special to InSomnia’s (fandom name) as member Handong returns to her activity in the group.

The seven membered girl group that made their debut in 2017 have been gradually winning hearts and taking over charts with their versatile approach to music. The Rock/Metal fusion with different genres of music have been their base formula and this album is no exception which showcases elements of hip-hop, dance and punk.

The track list for the album is as follows-

  1. Intro
  2. Odd Eye
  3. Wind Blows
  4. Poison Love
  5. 4 Memory
  6. New days

“Odd Eye” the title track speaks melancholy and darkness in both concept and lyrics. The girls dominate in the colors black, white and red as a group while their solo scenes showoff individual styles and colors mixes. The choreography employs an addictive and catchy dance in the video, which is elevated using visual effects.

Dreamcatcher – Odd Eye

The tree seen towards the end of the music video has been a part of the trilogy since the beginning and in all cases has seen changes depicting change in season; a mark of time. The tree is the symbol of Dreamcatcher’s journey in Dystopia.

Eyes that break boundaries

Despair to face me to the end

There will be an end

Back and forth,

Here isn’t what I’ve been looking for

No more Utopia


On their journey in search of Utopia (nearly perfect world), the girls experience new changes and different experiences. They talk about inner and outer happiness that is probably a dig at inner peace and happiness obtained from materialistic things. Their “Odd Eyes” are made to believe that they have reached their utopia which is just their outer happiness but through this dystopic journey they realize that it is not what they seek. This is hinted at the end of the music video by the words

In the end, the Dreamcatchers couldn’t find the Utopia what they dreamed of


But this is not the end. The Dreamcatchers will continue this journey and hope to find inner happiness.

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    Thank you so much for reviewing it, it’s rare to see Dreamcatcher on K-pop pages and this had touched us.

    • Shravani
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      We are so happy that you enjoyed the article. Dreamcatcher deserve this and more!

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