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Sunmi brandishes her “TAIL”

Sunmi breaks boundaries yet again with her new single “TAIL” released on 23 February 2021. The song was released along with another single “What The Flower” as a single album.

Sunmi is a singer, songwriter and composer who debuted in 2007 as part of the girl group “Wonder Girls” who are known for their retro themed concepts and songs. She later made her solo debut in 2013 and has bombarded us with unprecedented concepts ever since; from “24 hours” back in 2013 to “Pporappippam” in 2020.

Sunmi explained the concept for TAIL during the showcase. She spoke about how she was fascinated by animals with tails and the way they use them. An animal’s emotions are expressed through their tail involuntarily. An animal wags its tail when happy and whips it around when frustrated. She took the mental picture of a cat while preparing the song.

“TAIL” is also based on wordplay, something that Sunmi loves to do. In this case, the word “Tail” in Korean means to seduce someone which is hinted a lot in the choreography.

The mastermind behind the wild choreography is Janelle Ginestra who had priorly worked with artists like Red Velvet, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. She took into mind Sunmi’s idea of a cat and its tail and implemented it throughout the song’s choreo. For example, at the bridge of the song the dancers line up behind Sunmi and use their legs to represent Sunmi’s tail while she plays her role as a feisty and agile cat.

Composed by Frants, the song is an ensemble of the drums, synth guitar, bass and keyboard. The melody is addictive and when combined with Sunmi’s sensual voice, it is taken to a whole other level.

The music video of the song breaks all norms for South Korean video standards with scenes that would have the general public’s jaws dropping. Bodysuits, Stockings and Leather outfits heighten the sexual energy in the song.

The single “What The Flower” is also wordplay based on the widely used English phrase. The song is a contrasting track to “TAIL” and features Sunmi’s honest feelings while giving a better insight into her vocal prowess as well.

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IMAGE/VIDEO Courtesy- Kakao M (on behalf of ABYSS COMPANY)

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