SORN makes her solo debut with single “RUN”

CLC’s SORN has made her solo debut with the digital single titled, “RUN” on March 23, 2021 along with a music video for the same. The song is entirely in English and carries a hopeful message for the youth.

SORN has been heavily involved in this single as she herself has taken part in the production of the art work as well as the music video for the song. Apart from that the song has been written, composed and arranged by Candace Nicole Sosa.

Watch the music video for “RUN” here –


“RUN” is a song of the pop genre in addition with an acoustic sound. It is a song that talks about breaking free from the confining framework of society and running towards a better place. It gives people hope to start a new journey. This can be seen in lyrics such as,

“Stuck here, waiting for what,

What’s here, but a whole lotta nothing,

So why don’t we, why don’t we run,

Do all the things we want yeah.

No fear, taking control,

I’m good with wherever we’re going,

So why don’t we, why don’t we run,

Do what we wanted for once, yeah.”


The singer’s bright vocals alone help in bringing out the meaning of the song, and creating a warm and hopeful atmosphere.

Still from the music video (RUN by SORN)

The music video for the song has been shot against the beautiful backdrop of the Jeju Islands, which symbolises freedom. We also see SORN having a good time as she experiences new and beautiful things, giving the viewers a sense of liberation.

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