Somethin’ deeper to ponder in Chaanill’s PositiveMelody”!

Chaanill released the album PositiveMelody SEon the 10th of July along with an official music video for the song – “Somethin’” ft Xydo. The album has five songs including “Somethin’“, “oFFoFF”, “RPG” ft Snzae, “Hyacinth” ft amin and “Somethin’ – Jisan Park Remix”. The two title tracks being “Hyacinth” and “Somethin’“. 

Watch the music video here!  

Chaanill – Somethin’ (Feat. Xydo) Official M/V 

Deep diving into the track Somethin’! 

The Video 

The music video depicts friendship as it is for Chaanill. It shows the more human side of all artists and people in it. Everyone just wants to spend some fun time with their friends. It’s shot in a vlog style depiction where each person’s perspective. They meet up exchange greeting and go on a road trip together.  

As soon as they reach their destination, the group jumps into the pool, does water sports and other water-related activities. The trip involves going to the supermarket and having a BBQ party. All in all, a perfect small vacation with close buddies!  

The Music 

The song’s summer vibes are depicted through a slow percussion and bent synthesizer melody. Chaanill has done an extremely well in both the rap and the vocal parts of the song. Xydo’s vocals are adding new vertical to the song.  

The arrangement feels like biting in an Ice-cream Sandwich on a hot day. Added to that concoction is the chill yet bubbly music. The song is a perfect addition to the road trip play list~ 

The Lyrics 

Lyrics showcases and emphasises the carefree nature of the song. Chaanill tells us to live in the present. To focus on creating memories yet keeping a check on reality. Here is an excerpt from the song!

걱정 불안한 것도  
(Things like worries and anxiety)
다시는 못 오게 할거야
(We make sure it won’t come again)  
Let’s loop (loop loop)  
이 순간이 끝나지 않도록 
(Let’s make this moment last forever) 

Listen to the entire album on Spotify here! 

Wishing all the Chaanill all the success and waiting for more from him!  

Music and Video Credits – Genie Music, Chaanill

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