Sechskies x You Hee Yeol collaborate in “Don’t Look Back”

Sechskies comeback with the single “Don’t Look Back” on 5 February 2021 in collaboration with producer You Hee Yeol. The ballad was released along with a music video.

Sechskies were formerly a group of 6, currently 4 members that made their debut in 1997 with the album “School Byeolgok”. Instantly connecting with their audience through their music, Sechskies released hit after hit and became one of the 1st generation K-pop groups to pave way for what K-pop is today. On re-uniting in 2016 after their disbandment in 2000, the group has been serving some great music.

You Hee Yeol is a songwriter, producer and DJ who is the host of his own music program “You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”. He is also part of the project band Toy. He has helped produce for a few artists like for IU in “The Red Shoes”.

The single is a project that conveys the feelings of pain and sadness that two lovers feel when separating.

Don’t look back

It’s over now

If we continue on this way

It’ll ruin what is left of our love

Sechskies-Don’t Look Back

It’s a story of how two lovers decide to part ways as their relationship seems to fade away. They decide this hoping that what’s left of their love for each other remains as happy memories instead of turning bitter. The “sparks” of love they no longer feel is what drives them to this decision.

The spark’s long faded, gone

Sechskies- Don’t Look Back

The music video shifts between a lot of scenes. The members are first seen singing together, holding a yellow rose in their hands, with a piano playing in the background. Later scenes shift between the members living normal lives – just like the scenes from a drama with them looking into the distance overwhelmed by sadness. The video ends with a woman who was walking away in a snowy forest turns around only to be holding a yellow rose just like the members adorning a sad smile.

Sechskies X You Hee Yeol – Don’t Look Back

The emotions from the lyrics and video are brought out by the symphony of the guitar, bass, synth, drums and piano. The electric guitar in the bridge section of the song gives the song a climatic feel and adds on to the drama effect provided by the video.

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IMAGE COURTESY- YG Entertainment
VIDEO COURTESY- 채널 십오야 Youtube channel

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