Revisit memory lanes with DVWN’s release ‘Yeonnam-Dong’ (Ft. IllBOI)

Singer DVWN released his second EP ‘It’s Not Your Fault’ on April 14, 2021. This is artist’s first release since joining KOZ entertainment. 

The EP features 8 tracks including the title ‘Yeonnam-Dong’ ft. IllBOI. The other tracks on the album include Dot, Humming ft. CHE, Hostel ft. Jane, BADKID!!!, Name ft. Jinah Kwon, Home, and Mirror. The album is produced and written by DVWN, along with IllBOI, and Jane

Through the title track ‘Yeonnam-Dong’, the singer revisits his past memories. He goes through the same lanes of Hongdae he used to visit as a teenager, remembering people he never meant to leave behind. Yeonnam-Dong was a place the singer used to frequent in his youth, and still holds a deep place in his heart. He can’t help but notice the contrast of his life, young, carefree, and happy v/s successful yet lonely life he is living now. 

My memories remember

Between the buildings

I’m lookin’ for you

In the mazes from before

Yeonnam-Dong Translated Lyrics

The music video shows the singer going through the very streets he talks about nostalgically in the song. In a state of melancholy, he wonders whether being removed from his past is bringing him any joy or not. 

Watch the music video here:

DVWN – Yeonnam-Dong featuring IllBOI

Image/Video Courtesy: KOZ Entertainment

Artist Instagram: @around_dvwn

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