RAIN and JYP serenade audience with latest release, “Switch to me”

Solo sensation, RAIN has collaborated with JYP (Park Jin Young) for their latest release, “Switch to me” on December 31, 2020, along with a music video for the same.

The single is of the New jack swing genre, combining elements of jazz, funk, rap and rhythms and blues. It gives off 90s vibes and gives a sense of nostalgia to the audience. It has been written and composed by JYP or otherwise known as The Asiansoul

Watch the music video for Switch to me here –

Switch to me – RAIN (duet with JYP)

The song is about how two men are competing for the attention of a woman, saying that the person she is with is not good enough for her, and that she should switch to them. This is seen in lyrics such as,

You’re too good for him,

I never saw your man,

So I can’t explain it.

But I’m the right one for you,

Give me a chance,

Please switch to me.”

Switch to me – RAIN (duet with JYP)

Both artist’s vocals especially added to the fun atmosphere of the song.

Still from the music video ( Switch to me – RAIN duet with JYP)

The music video for the song is quite comical as it sees both RAIN and JYP trying to outdo each other in order to win over the woman. The music video is over the top with the ways in which they try to serenade the woman, with JYP in a helicopter at one point. However, admittedly the most entertaining part is the end of the video, which shows the woman choosing PSY over both of them. 

Apart from the acting in the video, as both artists are known for their spectacular dance performances, we get to see RAIN and JYP perform 90s inspired dance choreography, with the music video ending with them both doing splits. With the acting, dance and music, this song and music video is bound to leave a smile on the audience’s face!

Listen to the album on Spotify –

Switch to me – RAIN (duet with JYP)


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