Rad Museum returns with double single ‘SINK’

South Korean solo artist Rad Museum released a single-album on 10th of December, 2020. It contains 2 tracks and was released along with a music video showcasing both of the tracks.

ArtistSong TitleComposed ByWritten By
Rad MuseumThis Night 이 밀에Rad Museum , DAEHEE , TAEYONG , RE:ONERad Museum
Rad MuseumWet Umbrella 젖은 μš°μ‚°Rad Museum , DAEHEE , TAEYONG , DeanfluenzaRad Museum

Officially debuted in 2017 under Dean‘s label you.will.knovv, Rad Museum has been making moves in the music scene for quite a while. Prior to his debut, he was stationed in the crew known as CLUB*SKIMO, along with artists such as Dean, Miso, Punchnello, Millic, and several others. Since his debut, he’s released his own music as well as featured or worked on others’.

Music video for Wet Umbrella and This Night

Wet Umbrella and This Night are both R&B/Soul tracks. The music video begins with Rad Museum’s Wet Umbrella, and transitions to ‘This Night’ around the halfway mark. While ‘Wet Umbrella’ comes off as a pretty standard soul track, as it progresses, it feels haunting, almost (mostly due to the interesting choice of harmonization on Rad Museum’s part). We’re suddenly pushed and thrust into ‘This Night’s half of the song, which enunciates on the haunting vibe we’re presented with in the first half and carries it on throughout the song.

Oh lonely night
No more lonely night
I'm falling down

The music videos contain a very interesting allegory that you can spot during the second half of the music video. Did you find out what it is? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

If you’d like to support Rad Museum or view more of their music, you can do so through their official channels:

|| Rad Museum | Spotify | Apple Music ||


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