RabidAnce brings modern re-interpretation of Pansori in ‘Song of Separation’

Recently debuted Crossover group RabidAnce released the 2nd track of their to-be-announced debut album on 27th November. Titled ‘이별가 – Song of Separation’, the digital single is a crossover of Korean traditional Pansori with modern classical and mainstream music. This comes just over 2 weeks after their debut single ‘Thank You’ was released with a touching music video.

Song of Separation‘ is a section of the Chunhyangga – the longest and one of the only five surviving song cycles (Madang) of the Korean Pansori tradition. Chunhyangga is a multi-part story of love, parting and the reunion of lovers Chunhyang and Mongryong, amidst social hierarchy, oppression, trials and tribulations and is estimated to have originated before the 1660s. ‘이별가’ – Ibyeolga sings of the sad and beautiful goodbye that befalls the couple in one of the sections of this tale.

RabidAnce 2nd Digital Single ‘Song of Separation’ on Spotify

Over the years, innumerable artists have made their own interpretations and presentations of the Chunhyangga. RabidAnce joins the line as the latest act to do so. RabidAnce’s version of ‘Song of Separation’ is a modern retelling of this age-old story, a fusion of western classical orchestral setup and eastern storytelling tradition. With a mix of old and modern lyrics and soothing vocal harmony of the 4 members, one of whom is a professional Pansori Vocalist, ‘Song of Separation’ is given a new look in this track.

Song of Separation‘ is markedly different from RabidAnce’s previous song ‘Thank You’. Written and composed by Woo Hyowon, the song explores the feelings of the Chunhyangga lovers as they say goodbye and turn away. The arrangement for the single has been done by Woo Hyowon along with Lim Ju-Yeon and Kim Su-Hyeon.

RabidAnce’s 2nd Digital Single ‘이별가 – Song of Separation’ is available to listen on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. You can also look at their debut Single Thank You’ here.

RabidAnce 2nd Digital Single ‘The Parting Song’

Image Courtesy: RabidAnce Official Facebook Page
Video Courtesy: Happy Tribe Entertainment, under license to Dreamus (Auto-generated by YouTube)

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