“Querencia”, a full course meal by Chung Ha

“Querencia” (pronounced as ke’rensja)is solo singer Chung Ha’s new full-length album which was released on 15 February 2021. Consisting of 21 tracks, the album is divided into 4 parts- “NOBLE”, “SAVAGE”, “UNKNOWN” and “PLEASURES”. The album was promoted with a pre-release of the songs “Stay Tonight”, “Play”, “Dream of You” and “X”.

Chung Ha made her debut in the K-pop industry as a solo artist in 2017 prior to which she was part of the girl group I.O.I formed from the top 11 contestants of Mnet’s survival show Produce 101. She has thus far collaborated with many artists and proved her prowess in music with the release of numerous hits since her debut.

“Querencia” is Chung Ha’s first full length album with songs from various genres like Afrobeat, Latin, Trap, House, Dance and Bass. The album was majorly written by VINCENZO and Chung Ha duo and composed by a multitude of artists.

The track list is as follows-

The title “Querencia” is a word derived from the Spanish word “querer”- to desire; it is based on bull fighting in which querencia is the part of the ring that the bull develops a strong feeling of familiarity on, making it feel like at home. Querencia is a place where you draw your strength from and reveal your true self. The album is an expression of Chung Ha’s self with elements of different highs and lows.

I’m up here say ya ya ya

Follow me faster ya

Exhale so hard

Do it my way tear it up

Filthy gazes, don’t mind them

Act crazy and step on it, let’s go on a ride

Get on my bike let’s go

Chung Ha – Bicycle

The lyrics to “Bicycle” is a call to listeners to get up and get going. Slacking off is not an option and Chung Ha says she is going to show you how to do it. Look ahead and do not get distracted by those who want to pull you down; just ride on she says.

The motivating song has a catchy beat and chorus that is bound to get stuck in your head for a while. The R&B and trap mix was composed by Dawn Elekta, Jeremy G (Future Sound), and Daniel Kim.

CHUNG HA – Bicycle

The title track “Bicycle” was released along with a music video that is bound to not make you blink once to not miss any details. The outfits, set and design are can be condensed as dark and dazzling. A noteworthy part of the music video is the dance break at the bridge of the song. The whole song not only showcases Chung Ha’s abilities in dance and singing but also gives us a glimpse into her ability to rap.

Come on I’ll slay you from tip o’ my tongue

Chung Ha – Bicycle

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IMAGE/VIDEO COURTESY- Stone Music Entertainment

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