Purple Kiss make fans heart’s skip a beat in their Pre-debut release

Purple Kiss gather attention with their pre-debut single “My Heart Skip a Beat”, released on 26 November 2020. The song was released as a music video in the group’s channel as a performance video.

Purple Kiss are an upcoming girl group under RBW (RainbowbridgeWorld, Inc.), the same agency hosting talented groups like MAMAMOO, ONEWE, and ONEUS to name a few. The group consists of 7 members-

  • Park Ji Eun
  • Na Go Eun
  • Dosie
  • Ireh
  • Yuki
  • Chaein
  • Swan (Maknae/ the youngest)

The members official roles in the group are yet to be announced. The group have been actively participating in dance and vocal covers which they release on their Youtube channel. The group’s debut was announced during the month of August with the release of trailers for each member and a debut trailer for the whole unit.

You can watch the debut trailer of PURPLE K!SS here –

PURPLE K!SS – Debut Trailer

Member Swan, unfortunately, could not participate in this pre-debut release, but we hope to see her showcase her talent during the group’s debut

“My Heart Skip a Beat” is a pop song with a lot of rock and moombahton influence. The song screams power, delivered by the drums, bass, synth, and electric guitar.

The performance video features the best of the group as they kick their way into the music industry. With the use of props such as barbed wires and chains, the group aims to break free from the world’s prejudice and declare their presence. The choreography seems exhausting and yet was delivered with great enthusiasm. A note worthy part of the choreography is the dance break at the bridge of the song.

PURPLE K!SS – My Heart Skip a Beat

The group took part in choreographing, production and writing the song

Seo Yong Bae, Lee Yong BaeSeo Yong Bae, Lee Sang Won, Yuki
Song Credits

We cannot wait to see what the group has in store for their debut!


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