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Punch bids adieu to her love in new album “Full Bloom”

Soloist Punch released her second mini-album “Full Bloom” on 10 March 2021. Coming from Yam Yam Entertainment, Punch made her debut in 2014. The album features Kim Minjae AKA for the track “I’m Jealous”.

Punch makes her come back after 4 months since the release of the single “I Miss You” back in October 2020. She has collaborated with many artists and is known for her OSTs released for many K-dramas like “Hotel Del Luna”, “Descendants of the Sun”, “Do you like Brahms” and “Goblin”.

The album consists of 5 tracks and the instrumentals for each track. The tracklist is as follows-

WindPunchPunch, Cheat Keys
My EverythingPunch, Ji HoonRoco Berry
I’m Jealous (feat., Ash-B, Real.beSeungju Lee, Ash-B, Choyul Lim
RememberPunch, Ji HoonChoi In Hwan, Lee Seung Joo
NotJi-HoonRoco Berry
Song Credits

The title track of the album is “My Everything”, it is a slow tempo ballad that starts off with the soothing voice of Punch accompanied by melodies from the guitar. The violin and keyboard join along to add strength to the sadness of the tune. As the song progresses a 30-piece orchestra joins along which is prominent in the second half of the song. The song has a passionate and soothing tone for a sad heart.

Watching movies and eating rice

Holding hands and walking

The fact that I’m alone in the future

That makes me cry

Hello, you were my everything

I love you because it was you

Someone like you again

I won’t be able to meet you bye


Punch – My Everything

Written by Punch herself, the song is a sad farewell to a significant other and a reminder of the time they’ve spent together. I say hello to the sadness and pain as I say goodbye to you says Punch. She knows she will never meet another like them again and that adds to the weight of the heartbreak. Knowing it must be hard for the other person as well she says goodbye.

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IMAGE credits- Yam Yam Entertainment

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