PRISMA “BREAKOUT” in their debut single

UnionWave Entertainment’s PRISMA has finally debuted on October 31, 2020, with the single “BREAKOUT” along with a music video for the same. The girl group under the Swiss- South Korean Label, consists of members, Gyeongnim (leader), Eunbyeol (main dancer), Sally (main rapper), Nia (lead vocalist) and Miriam (main vocalist), all belonging to diverse ethnic backgrounds ranging from South Korea to Italy, Spain and the U.S. With their diverse musical tastes, the group tries to bring a different sound into the k-pop industry.

Check out the music video for “BREAKOUT” here –


The song “BREAKOUT”, is a dance pop track with an EDM beat as well as the prominent use of the Synth in the background. The song has a girl crush concept and talks about not hiding anymore, and breaking free, using the song in itself as a way to ‘breakout.’ This can be seen in lyrics such as,

“Wanna Shout, Can you hear my voice?

I’m not going to hide anymore,

With this song, I want to be free.

I’m ready,No one can stop me,

Give it to me,

Goodbye, the dark night has ended,

I’m breaking out, words can’t stop me,

Cause all I need is one shout to breakout.”


The vocal performances by the members as well as the deep rap, really help to bring out the strong message of wanting to break free.

Still from the music video (BREAKOUT – PRISMA)

The music video for the song has scenes of the members in black and white as well as against different colourful backgrounds as they showcase their confident selves. It serves as a good compliment to the song. The video also has scenes of the members performing their choreography with a dance break at the end.

Listen to the single on Spotify here –

IMAGE/VIDEO COURTESY – UnionWave Entertainment

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