Pink Fantasy drops single ‘Lemon Candy’

Girl Group Pink Fantasy dropped their pre-release single Lemon Candy on January 21, 2020. 

The song is written and composed by Red Anne, and arranged by Hwan Yang

The song is inspired by fairytales Wizard of the Oz’ and Hansel and Gretel. Both the stories feature naive protagonists, who in their innocence and trustworthy nature often misjudge the intentions of the people around them. 

The lyrics want us to look behind the sweet sugary facade of the ‘Lemon Candy‘ to see it for what it is. They want people who focus so much on hope, that they lose their touch on reality, to reassess. 

Throughout the song, the lyrics reference the various incidents that take place in the aforementioned fairy tales, say Hansel and Gretel’s half a day walk to the forest, or how Dorothy received help from various people through her stay in Oz.

I think I walked for half a day.

Like Hansel and Gretel.

Look for the lemon candy.

On an adventure.

I’m gonna take out a magnifying glass like a detective.

Lemon Candy translated lyrics

The disarraying music video is filled with neon colours, flashy props, and over the top outfits. The literal ‘Pink Fantasy‘ music video adds references to the lyrics, with the fairy tale books seen in the background. 

You may watch the music video for the song here :

Pink Fantasy – Lemon Candy

Image/Video Courtesy: Mydoll Ent.

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