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“Paranoia” and its creeping hands- Kang Daniel

Solo singer Kang Daniel released his new single “Paranoia” on 16 February 2021 along with a music video. The R&B single is the preview to the last part of his album series “COLORS”.

Kang Daniel is a solo singer and owner of the label KONNECT Entertainment. He was formerly part of the 11-member boy group Wanna One which was formed from Mnet’s survival show Produce 101 (Season 2). He made his solo debut in 2019 with the album “Color On Me”.

The song is composed by a group of artists like Inverness, MZMC and Anthony Russo including Kang Daniel. The synth played a major role in this addictive beat with the 808 bass’s support.


“Paranoia”, a feeling of being persecuted and distrust/suspicion towards others, the basic concept behind Kang Daniel’s single. Written by Kang Daniel himself, the song is his story and his journey with depression and anxiety. He has let his emotions flow to his audience in the song and is quite relatable with people struggling with similar troubles.

Days are as dark as the night

It’s getting scary

In my lightless room

It’s becoming routine, one by one

Am I just crazy or dreamin’ awake?

Now I can’t escape

Every day repeats and I become numb

Kang Daniel – PARANOIA

His constant struggle with nightmares and dark thoughts is revealed in the lyrics. Overhauled by pain and the numbness, he runs and hides but it is all in vain because these dark thoughts are bound to find their way to your heart says, Kang Daniel.

The music video employs a dark theme with the use of red and black, colours that signify danger and fear. Notable scenes that support the concept and are also an insight into Kang Daniel’s feelings-

  • His struggle for that little gasp of air while drowning signifies how suffocated he feels.
  • He is seen hiding away hoping that he is safe from all the darkness.
  • His subtle message on how hate gets him down is seen when he encounters a passer by and all of a sudden loses the ability to move forward, lying on his knees, weak.

The use of different props like fire, water, claws, masks, and dark or emo makeup elevates the concept. The word “Failure” etched in his skin surrounded by cuts is probably the most intense scene that tells us his paranoia or distrust is in himself.

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IMAGE/VIDEO Courtesy- KONNECT Entertainment

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