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NiziU Urges To Take A Breather In ‘Step and A Step’

The latest J-pop group in the house NiziU finally made their debut with the single ‘Step and a Step’ on November 25, 2020, with the physical album debut on December 2, 2020.

NiziU was formed through the global survival show Nizi Project which was under JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment. The 9 membered girl group released a pre-debut mini-album, ‘Make You Happy’ back in June 2020. This single made a new mark on Oricon’s Japanese music chart, racking up millions of views, giving the 9 singers and rappers a new career high.

The name of NiziU means “various people carrying different colours like a rainbow will come together as one group and shine a beautiful light”. 

The upbeat track is produced by JYP Entertainment’s Jin Young Park and urges the listeners to stop for a while, take a breath, and look back at how far they have come. We keep running and running, trying to be better versions of ourselves, but do we ever look back and tell ourselves how proud we are of ourselves? Step and a Step is the pat on the back that you thought you didn’t deserve, and the reassurance you never got.

Step and a step

in my stride

Step and a step

at a pace just right for me

You can go slowly, you can rest

Go on walking as you are

Just believe yourself

Step and a Step translated lyrics

The music video has the iconic JYP charm with its bright scheme and the cute choreography. Every member is seen trying to find the exit to their unique maze, as they keep running around and around in circles. In the end, they do find the exit, through the help of others. The music video resonates with the message of the song, to stop, to breathe, and to let yourself be comforted by others.

Watch the music video for『Step and a step』by NiziU here –

NiziU(니쥬) Debut Single『Step and a step』

IMAGE/VIDEO COURTESY: JYP Entertainment Japan./ Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)

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