Mirani looks forward to see more of ‘Daisy’

‘Daisy’ is Mirani’s new single released on 8 April 2021 featuring pH-1. The single is part of her single album also called ‘Daisy’ which contains two songs including the title track. The B-side ‘Open Up’ features the artist JUSTHIS. Mirani is part of the agency Area that was founded by GroovyRoom.

The song marks her comeback since the release of her single ‘Tic Tac’ back in October 2020. Mirani made her debut as a hip-hop artist in April 2020 with the song ‘The Detective’.

The song was written and composed by a talented bunch of artists like Moon Sujin, GroovyRoom, Park Joon Won and Kontrabandz. Mirani also worked on both songs on her album giving it a personal touch.

The hip-hop song starts off with an electric guitar rhythm that is accompanied by the synth and some strong bass beats. The pre-chorus has an orchestral feel introduced from what seems like a Cello. The melody has a happy and cheerful vibe to it.

The music video starts with Mirani stuck underground surrounded by all kinds of sweets and a TV to keep her entertained. This depicts how she has made home in her past and surrounded her with things that are negative over a limit. She soon decides to venture through a tunnel that leads her to the surface. She realizes that it isn’t as bad as she thought it would be and starts to have a good time

The song is described by Mirani with the statement “I’m not afraid of Spring anymore”. The lyrics to the song delivers the message behind this statement. Mirani compares parts of her life to seasons; the past is the winter and the future is spring. Flowers are meant to make you feel happy but in her case they bring in a feeling of awkwardness. She is chained by her past and slowly overcomes the fear of looking forward to the future. She has slowly come to like the Daisy of the spring.

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