M.O.N.T’s Narachan spreads happiness in “Beautiful Sunday”

M.O.N.T’s leader, Narachan has released a single titled, Beautiful Sunday, along with a music video for the same on February 19, 2021, at 12 P.M (KST). This is his second solo song by the artist after the release of, SEPTEMBER-Hills as a part of M.O.N.T’s latest EP, Listen Up!” released in October of 2020.

Beautiful Sunday is self-composed and written by Narachan and with fellow M.O.N.T member Roda taking part in the production and arrangement of the song, as the member usually does in most of the group’s songs. We can see Narachan’s growth as an artist in the song as he also took part in the making of the music video.

Watch the music video for “Beautiful Sunday” here –

Beautiful Sunday by Narachan (M.O.N.T)

Beautiful Sunday is an up-tempo song of the dance-pop genre as it sings about the feeling of happiness one feels and comparing it to the feeling one feels on a Sunday when one is free at work and can just be happy and relax. These feelings of happiness can be seen in the lyrics,

“Swing, let’s swing on this miracle,

Everything I’ve ever dreamed of feels so close,

Beautiful Sunday,

Like a beautiful sunny,

My life is gonna shine up,

Like a beautiful Sunday.”

Beautiful Sunday by Narachan (M.O.N.T)

The song is filled with the sounds of the drums and electronic synthesizer, which along with Narachan’s uplifting vocal and rap performance, creates a happy atmosphere guaranteed to make the audience smile.

Still from the music video (Beautiful Sunday by Narachan (M.O.N.T.))

The music video is quite a good accompaniment for the song as it has the same uplifting energy to it as we see Narachan getting up and going on with his day with a happy and excited mood, as if nothing can get his mood down.

Listen to the single here –

Beautiful Sunday by Narachan (M.O.N.T)

IMAGE/ VIDEO COURTESY – Fly Music Entertainment

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