Luli Lee digs deep for new single ‘HOWL’

South Korean singer-songwriter and bassist Luli Lee released a brand-new single on 14 June 2021. Titled ‘HOWL‘, the song was released alongside a music video. She has taken part in singing, writing the lyrics, composing, arranging, and has performed all of the instruments in the track.

Teaser for ‘HOWL’, featuring Luli Lee’s bass playing

Luli Lee previously performed as a singer and bassist for indie band ‘Bye Bye Badman‘, before moving to join another band named ‘Seoulmoon‘ and then eventually debuting as a soloist, managed by the label Magic Strawberry Sound.

Watch the music video for Luli Lee’s ‘HOWL’ here –

Music Video for Luli Lee

HOWL‘ is a futuristic synth pop track interspersed with traditional instruments. The music video has a very artsy, indie project vibe to it; Showing the viewers the tale of several different people who are all going through their own struggles. Despite the seemingly dark tone of the video, the song itself carries this calming, serene energy that makes for an intriguing contrast between the two.

What’s certain is this feeling all over my body

A special resonance, your true sincerity

Luli Lee – HOWL

Luli Lee‘s music is definitely out there, combining futuristic pop with traditional band instruments (the bass standing out the most), resulting in a unique sound that you don’t hear very often in the music industry. While not a very competitive track for the mainstream music scene, personally, I can her cementing a very highly-sought name for herself amongst the indie scene.

What’s clear is this feeling all over my body
The sound of your cry makes me love you

Luli Lee – HOWL

If you’d like to support Luli Lee and check out more of her work, you may do so through her official channels:

Youtube | Spotify | Apple Music

Image/Video Courtesy: Magic Strawberry Sound

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