LUCY promises to always find you in I GOT U

Boyband LUCY released their 4th single album ‘Gatcha!’ with the title track ‘I Got U‘ on 16 June 2021. This is their 2nd single album to get released in 2021, following INSIDE which was released on 16 Feb. The album contains 4 tracks.

The lyrics for ‘I GOT U‘ is written by members Cho Won Sang and Choi Sang Yeop as well as Hong I-Saac. Cho Won Sang, O.YEON, and Choi Young Hun are responsible for the composition. As for the arrangement, all the members – Cho Won Sang, Choi Sang Yeop, Shin Gwang Il, and Shin Ye Chan, along with O.YEON, Choi Young Hun, and Park Ji-Hwan have contributed.

Watch the Music Video for  LUCY ‘s ‘I Got U’:

LUCY – I Got U

A pre-dominantly pop-rock creation, the song is also heavily influenced by EDM elements. The other songs follow this trend as well. The album intro states that its aim is to provide energy to its listeners to get through whatever random problems life throws at them. LUCY’s ‘I GOT U’ is the manifestation of that aim. The song hints at an ever-lasting relation, endless talks, and a promise of always being there for each other.

I’ll find U You’re my Diamond

I got U like a child.

Lyrics from ‘I Got U’ by LUCY

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Perhaps the best way to describe the Music Video would be to say that the members are just having fun singing, playing music, while also hanging out and spreading a happy vibe all around. Definitely worth a watch!


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Video: LUCY ISLAND – YouTube

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