LUCIA Chases Moon In ‘Lunar Phase’

K-indie soloist LUCIA is back with her latest mini album ‘Lunar Phase: A Side‘. The album features three songs, along with the instrumental versions. 

As the title suggests, the album takes inspiration from the moon and the myths surrounding the celestial body. 

1. Lunar Phase ęœˆé½”

Composed & Lyric by Shim Gyu-seon 

Arranged by Yang Zion 

2. Promise of Survival ē”Ÿå­˜ē“„ęŸ

Composed & Lyric by Shim Gyu-seon 

Arranged by Yang Zion, Choi Ji-hoon

3. Pale blue dot 

Composed & Lyric by Shim Gyu-seon

 Arranged by Yang Zion 

Album credits

Inspired by the current scenario, the title ‘Lunar Phase’  personifies the metaphor of ‘Solitude’. In the troubled times, the singer gathers the self-awareness and determination to stand by herself. She talks about how “Even in the time of distress, you must promise to be ‘alive.'” An ode to all the survivors, the song remembers the strength of the moon who has stood by itself for eons. 

“Now I will reveal my darkness.

Iā€™m not gonna want anyone to see me

Iā€™m gonna take back what I lost

Until it smudges and fills itself”

Lunar Phase Translated lyrics

In the music video, a woman is shown walking endlessly with only the moon to keep her company. She travels through the city, the forest, and the mountains. She walks, she runs, she falls through time, with the end always out of her reach. 

Check out the song here.

Image/Video credits: Kakao M (On behalf of GYU)

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