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EXO released a new single ‘Don’t fight the feeling’ on 7 June 2021. The song is part of the special album also titled ‘Don’t fight the feeling’, which consists of 5 tracks including the title track. This comeback showcased 7 out of 9 members- Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Lay, D.O, Sehun, Kai and Xiumin.


The album marks their comeback ever since the release of their full length album ‘Obsession’ released in November 2019. EXO made their debut under SM Entertainment in 2012 and have released chart topping hits ever since.

This album is a gift dedicated to the fans, EXO-L and was released along with an arcade game called ‘EXO-SHIP SAGA’ which features photocards from the special album as rewards for reaching dedicated targets on the game.


Song NameWritten and Composed by
Don’t fight the feelingKenzie, Damon Thomas, Mike Jiminez, Moon Kim, Tesung Kim, The Aristocrats, Tiyon ‘TC’ Mack
ParadiseBrandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Jake Torrey, Michael Matosic
No MatterAndreas Öberg, Mok Ji Min, Patrick Hartman, Skylar Mones
RunawayAndrew Bazzi, Kevin White, Michael Woods, Seo Jieum
Just as usualFascinador, San, Shaquille Rayes, THAMA, Zenur
Song credits

The title track ‘Don’t fight the feeling’ is a dance pop song comprised of the synth and heavy bass. The music video features the members on a spaceship that is very reminiscent of an aircraft carrier. The spaceship is called Exoplanet and it is theorized that this song marks the beginning of EXO’s journey to fight the Red force.

EXO – Don’t fight the feeling

The music video showcases the some dance breaks and amazing choreography from the members. The lyrics are empowering and motivating. The members encourage fans to overcome fear and embrace their uniqueness. You can achieve all the crazy things you want to do and just follow your instincts, says EXO.

I’m a little different

Trust me on that one at least, yeah

Get drunk on your own style

What’s wrong with that?

You can do anything, yeah

EXO – Don’t fight the feeling

The lyrics also takes reference to the SM VR universe Kwangya in the lyrics “Speed across KWANGYA”. Kwangya translates to wilderness and has been referenced before in other SM artists songs. It is theorized that Kwangya is one of the places/planets involved in the EXO Universe.

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IMAGE/VIDEO Courtesy- SM Entertainment

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