AKMU’s Lee Suhyun dropped her first new single ‘ALIEN‘ earlier today i.e. 16 October 2020. ‘Alien‘ is composed and written by her brother and AKMU member Lee Chankhyuk and marks Suhyun’s solo debut.

Alien‘ is a peppy and unique dance-pop track and carefully matches Suhyun’s own personal energy.

Alien’ tells the story of a young girl whose mother weaves a story to boost her daughter’s self-confidence. The mother tells the daughter that she is an alien from a galaxy far away with superpowers capable of destroying the world. This confession seems to clear all the doubts that the daughter ever had about herself. Her newfound identity gives her courage and confidence. The daughter who was always a misfit has finally found a place.

The song urges people who think they are worth nothing to dig in their past and create their own identity.

My mama told me I’m ALIEN

Actually, you’re from a faraway starland

You in that planet

used to be a champion


The music video shows Suhyun enjoying a bright and colourful futuristic world. The video follows Suhyun doing all ‘Alienesque‘ things like riding a pink motorbike in outer space while a dinosaur follows her and picking out an outfit from her vast ‘Alien’ closet.

“The key was to differentiate my sound and image from those of AKMU’s. I wanted to sing a song and take up a character that only I can sing and do. Production was halted or dropped several times in the process.” 

Suhyun told Kpop Herald ahead of the official release of the song.

Watch the music video of ‘Alien’ here and join the gang –



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