Last January, LambC started a project containing a new musical attempt [I’ll see you when I see you]. This project started with the R&B number ‘Emotional‘ emphasizing sensuous synth sound. In contrast to the minimalism, the latest single ‘WHEN MY HEART BREAKS’ released on 19th February 2021, portrays a colorful pop/rock vibe.

This second single from [I’ll see you when I see you] is an alternative pop featuring a tightly filled rhythm and vocals. This single gives a distinctly different impression compared to the texture of the artist’s previous musical works, which are not commonly heard in the domestic music scene. The artist’s deep thoughts and efforts on the production process and song also can be seen.

This song is about someone coming out of a toxic relationship. They want to break free of the love that’s been binding them, but in the end, love is love. The song describes the constant push-and-pulls they’ve been dealing with, the game of tag between their heart and mind.

The feeling of heartbreak is described as a bullet piercing their heart. The song ends with the singer ready to drown if it means that they get to be free of the chains.

The music video is quite quirky, with the contemporary video-making techniques used in the MV catching the attention of the viewer. The combination of these styles in the video, along with the music has become more appealing to many, due to the variety of audience.

Check out the music video for ‘When My Heart Breaks’:

LambC(램씨) – When my Heart Breaks (MV)

Lyrics, Composed, Arranged by LambC and sh

Image/video courtesy: Happy Robot Records (Happy Robot Records is a subsidiary of MPMG Co., Ltd.)

© ℗ 2021 Happy Robot Records

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