Kim Feel expresses the feelings of loneliness in his single, “Sleeplessness”

Singer-songwriter Kim Feel, has released his latest single titled, “Sleeplessness”, along with a music video for the same on December 28, 2020. The single also includes an instrumental version of the song.

This song comes as his first release under his new label, Archive Achim. Kim Feel delivers an emotional vocal performance, conveying a message that almost everyone can understand, and that is the lonely nights filled with sleeplessness.

The song is of alternative rock genre and has been written by Kim Feel himself, and composed by Kim Feel along with MAD FRESH and Hyun Kim.

Watch the music video for Sleeplessness here –

Sleeplessness – Kim Feel

The song seems to be about the sleepless nights the singer has, filled with loneliness, regret and restlessness. It talks about how the things he talks about will never be heard or how his thoughts of someone will never come true, how everything fades away, with the constant question of if the singer is the only one who feels so. All the singer wants is to close his eyes and have less regrets,

“I’m always asking things you’ll never hear,

And having thoughts of you I know will never be,

And I ask myself,

Could I be the only one?”

Kim Feel – Sleeplessness

This message is something that most people can relate with. Kim Feel’s vocal performance along with the instrumentals of the song, it truly brings the meaning of the message well.

As the song comes to a climax, with the drums, guitar, base and piano playing, as well as KimFeel belting notes, the song suddenly mellows down with him singing,

“Living life for the first time, I’m still uncertain about myself.

In the midst of all these doubts, I can’t fall asleep at night.”

Kim Feel – Sleeplessness

These lyrics, highlighting once again the meaning of the song.

However, there is hope despite all of this, as the introduction to the song says,

“In the flow of every unwanted circumstance,

It’s alright if the only thing you could do is struggle to move forward.

The reason for the countless sleepless nights,

Would be your reason to live without regret.”

Introduction to “Sleeplessness” by Kim Feel

This lets the people listening know that despite the circumstances and the struggle, it is these very struggles and sleepless nights that keeps them going on, to live a life without any regrets.

Still from the music video (Sleeplessness – Kim Feel)

The music video for the song sees Kim Feel on a bed unable to fall asleep as he sings. Later we see how his image is projected onto large curtains, as he plays the piano in front of him, I’m a way showing the loneliness he feels. The video thus compliments the song well.

Listen to the song on Spotify –

Sleeplessness – Kim Feel


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