Kim A Hyun releases whimsical MV for “Firework”

Soloist, Kim A Hyun, has released her latest album titled,Fairy Taleon November 22, 2020, along with a music video for the title track, “Firework.” The album has been released as a part of the “2020 Contents Creative Talent Partnership Project” held by the Korean Creative Content Agency.

The album consists of 10 songs in total; 5 new songs along with instrumental versions for each of them, with Kim A Hyun herself having taken part in the lyric writing and composition of all the songs.

Song NameWritten ByComposed By
μ–΄μ©Œλ©΄ λ§ˆμŒκΉ€μ•„ν˜„ColdoK
λΆˆκ½ƒλ†€μ΄ (Firework) (Title)κΉ€μ•„ν˜„κΉ€μ•„ν˜„, ColdoK
λ‘₯λ‘₯κΉ€μ•„ν˜„κΉ€μ•„ν˜„, ColdoK
See the starκΉ€μ•„ν˜„κΉ€μ•„ν˜„, 이창우
Song Credits

The album Fairy Tale”, as the name suggests is about creating a fairy tale world, with the intent of comforting the people who listen to it, who struggle in the reality having lost touch with their inner childish heart. The song Firework captures these feelings very well.Β 

Check out the music video for Firework here –

Kim A HyunFirework

A song of the ballad genre, it compares the brilliant light of a firework that burns with such luminous intensity, to the feeling of falling in love, how one becomes the light of their lover. Though the firework ends after a short time, the effect it has lasts in our hearts for a much longer time. This is especially seen in the lines,

“Babe, please burn more slowly,

Babe, please come more slowly.”

Firework – Kim A Hyun

As the song asks for this beautiful moment to last longer. The song has a simple and addictive melody, and with Kim A Hyun’s soft and sweet voice, it becomes a very enjoyable listen.

Still from the music video (Firework – Kim A Hyun)

The music video for the song is bright and very aesthetically pleasing. It sees Kim A Hyun happily being in her room as she cuts a cake, with the music video ending with her lighting up fireworks, with the caption, “You became the light for me.” The video is a perfect fit for the song.


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