Kang Daniel needs an ‘Antidote’ for his thoughts

Kang Daniel made a comeback with his 3rd mini-album ‘YELLOW‘. This 3rd mini-album is third in his ‘Color‘ series, ‘Yellow‘ is preceded by ‘MAGENTA‘ and ‘CYAN‘, and features 5 tracks, including the pre-release ‘Paranoia‘, and the title track ‘Antidote‘.

The other tracks from the mini-album include ‘Digital’, ‘Misunderstood’ ft. Omega Sapien and ‘Save U’ ft. Wonstein. Daniel participated in the writing of the album, while the composition is by Anthony Pavel, Jonathan Hoskins, and arrangement by MZMC .

Life is a constant stream of contradictions. Walking through pain is seen as a sign of growth, whilst its irony lies in the fact that the biggest loss is an opportunity for growth. ‘Yellow‘ is based on the said contradiction. Destruction and stability coexist, and it is near impossible to distinguish good from evil. Daniel portrays the lesser known symbolism of the color through the song ‘Yellow’, being a state of incompleteness, the sense of danger and warning associated with it.

While the title track ‘Antidote‘ which expresses the same sentiment combines alternative R&B and rock elements and emphasizes Daniel’s sharp, yet stunning vocals. ‘Antidote‘, which is generally termed as a cure for a poison, is used here as a metaphor to counteract the poisonous fog that clouds the singer’s mind. The lyrics describe his helplessness as he feels his mind getting taken over by intrusive thoughts, unable to intervene. He cries out for a remedy, for a antidote that will drag him out of the state he is in.

Trapped in this cold silent night

The shadow covering the room

There’s no time to breathe

A trap that suffocates me

Antidote by Kang Daniel Translated Lyrics

The music video uses the symbolism of the color blue, to describe the mental state, the singer is in. Blue is on the opposite spectrum of Yellow, and is often connoted with feelings of sadness and depression. The video shows Daniel trying to break out of a sea of blue curtains, which keeps pulling him back. There are instances where he is seen running away, with no open exit in sight.

Watch the music video for ‘Antidote‘ here –

강다니엘(KANGDANIEL) – Antidote M/V

Image/Video Courtesy: Connect Entertainment

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