JUNNY describes a drama-like encounter in “NEW GIRL”

Singer-Songwriter JUNNY released a single titled NEW GIRLon the 29th of November 2020. The song features a very well-known rapper Kid Milli. A lyric video for the same was also made public on the same day.

Both JUNNY and Kid Mili have lent hands to jane for writing the lyrics of the song. JUNNY is also one of the composers of the song. The other composer, dress, has done the arrangement.

Watch the lyric video for JUNNY(주니) _ NEW GIRL (feat. Kid Milli):

JUNNY ‘NEW GIRL (ft. Kid Millli)’ Official MV

The song is about a fateful encounter that the artist had on a new year’s eve. The song starts with the protagonist expressing their dissatisfaction over new year’s eve and wishing that someone would give him company. At that very instant, he gets a glimpse of someone and freezes right there. The next lines describe how the time stops and his heartbeats race. Kid Milli, in his verse, describes the awkwardness, hesitation and issues faced trying to initiate a conversation. Pretty drama-like right? That’s what they described the whole situation as, in the song.

Junny’s ‘New Girl‘ falls under the R&B genre. Laidback yet captivating instrumentals and soothing vocals are enough to describe the song. The rap is, as expected, very soft, and filled with innocent emotions. The amalgamation of all the different instruments playing is relaxing to the listener.

You can find JUNNY’s new single ‘NEW GIRL (ft. Kid Milli) on Spotify and Apple Music.


Image: Bugs Music [NEW GIRL (feat. Kid Milli) – 벅스 (bugs.co.kr)]

Video: 1theK / mauve company

Courtesy of mauve company

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