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Singer-songwriter Joosiq‘s most awaited third single album ‘Need Conversation’ with ‘Jung Hyo Bin‘ released on April 4, 2021. Joosiq is a well known K-indie singer who garnered the attention of the audience through his unique musicality in his previous works such as ‘Could you turn of the lights‘ and ‘Five more minutes‘.

Need Conversation” is the original song of the drama Plum Blossom, which was released in 2002 and received great love. The remake of this song by Jung Hyo-Bin and Joosiq was created with new arrangements and musical forms that suit the new age of 2021 while retaining the feeling of the original song.

The lyrical artistry enhance the quality of this song. The smoothly readable story-line of “Need Conversation“, makes it easier for the audience to get the feel of the theme of it.

The song is a series of confessions between two people, who are tired, worn out and exhausted of being with each other but still are deeply in love. Every time they are on the verge of falling out of love, they strive to remember why they want each other in the first place and decide to have a conversation and talk things out maturely.

The minimalist music video goes to and fro between the good old times and the hurting present. The calm nature of the song and the video doesn’t make us feel too overwhelmed by the lyrics. It shows us how such feelings are normal and how every misunderstanding needs a clean conversation to be sorted out.

Check out the music video for ‘Need Conversation‘ here:

정효빈, 주시크 (Joosiq) – 대화가 필요해 [Music Video]

Lyrics: Choi jun young, Composition: Choi jun young, Arrangement: Ahn sung hyun

Image/Video courtesy: Warner Music Korea

Artist SNS: @joo_siq, @_hyo_bbi

© ℗ 2021 Recipe Music, Jeong hyo bean

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