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Jessi is full of charisma in her new single “What Type of X”

Jessi - What Type of X

Jessi released her new single “What type of X” on 17 March 2021. Currently, under PSY’s company P NATION, Jessi made her debut in December 2015 with the single album “Get Up”.

Nunu Nana released in July 2020 was Jessi’s previous comeback. Owing to the catchy beats and dope choreography which trended worldwide on social media, the song is probably one of Jessi’s biggest hits as of yet.

Making her name in the hip-hop genre, Jessi has been part of the hip-hop groups “Uptown” and “Lucky J”. Apart from these groups, she has also been part of the project girl groups “Unnies” and “Refund Sisters”. Some of her other releases are “Who Dat B”, “My Romeo” and “Drip”.

“What type of X”, written by PSY, Jessi, johnjohn, JAE RO, and KOALA, is Jessi’s anthem for confidence. Jessi marks her boundaries in “What type of X” while challenging those who approach her to think twice before doing so. She lets her charisma and personality ooze throughout the music video and in the lyrics. She’ll wield what she has got like the beast she is, and no one can stop her.

Jessi – What Type of X

Her music video amplifies every bit of the song and showcases Jessi as the strong and badass woman that she is. Leather bodycons, a big crown and all the allure jazz up the music video. The choreography is simple yet outstanding and is already catching on among K-pop and K-hiphop fans on social media.

The song falls under the pop rock genre and employs the best of Trap and House music that is employed as a beat drop in the chorus. The song was composed by PSY, Jessi, Yoo Geon Hyung, CuzD, johnjohn, JAE RO, Donna, and SPACE ONE.

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