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IZ*ONE Bright And Vibrant In ‘Panorama’

Produce 48-fame girl group IZ*ONE is back with their 4th mini album One-reeler /Act IV

As the name suggests, One-reeler, a short film, tells its story through three vividly connected scenes. 

  • Scene #1 ‘Color of Youth’, The moment of our youth. 
  • Scene #2 ‘Becoming One’, We find the meaning of life through each other. 
  • Scene #3 ‘Stay Bold’, We shine most brightly when we are together.

The mini album includes 6 tracks:

1. Mise-en-Scène 

Lyrics by Ho-Hyun Jung ( 

Composed by Ho-Hyun Jung ( 

Arranged by Ho-Hyun Jung ( 

2. Panorama 

Lyrics by KZ, BO, FAB 

Composed by KZ, Nthonius, BO, FAB, Jayins, Ji Ye-Jun 

Arranged by Woong-Kim, FAB, KZ, Nthonius

3. Island

Lyrics by YOSKE, Knob Alive 

Composed by YOSKE, Alive Knob 

Arranged by YOSKE, Alive Knob, OH SEAN 

4. Sequence 

Lyrics by Hohyun Jung( 

Composed by Hohyun Jung( 

Arranged by Hohyun Jung( 

 5.O Sole Mio 




6. Slow Travel 

Lyrics by Lee Gi, Yongbae, Kim Chaewon 

Composed by Lee Gi, Yongbae, Kim Chaewon 

Arranged by Lee Gi, Yongbae

The title track “Panorama” is a pop house track with an upbeat and textured arrangement. The song describes the journey of them finding each other. They meet, they love, and they shine bright, all together. The lyrics give voice to their desire to be together forever, and tell how they always find each other no matter what. 

The scenery of the season
Passing by once again,
Our unfinished story Wonder if it’s a dream Don’t let it stop
Close your eyes and feel this moment
(Shoot!) Take a PANORAMA…

Panorama translated lyrics

The vibrant music video showcases a dynamic and intricate choreography, paired with parts focused on each member’s story. 

Check out the album on Spotify and the music video here.

IZ*ONE ‘Panorama’ Official MV

Image/Video Courtesy: Swing Entertainment

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