ITZY reveal a new, chic side in ‘Mafia in the Morning’

ITZY made a comeback on 30 April 2021 with ‘Mafia in the Morning’ (or ‘๋งˆ.ํ”ผ.์•„. In the morning‘). The song serves as the title track for their new album, Guess Who?, with 5 other tracks. LYRE, Park Jinyoung, KASS co-composed the song with earattack and co-wrote it with danke.

While they have always stuck to girl crush concepts that are chic, ‘Mafia in the Morning’ utilizes the members’ rap skills a lot more than their previous comebacks. Yeji and Yuna take on a more active role for rapping, alongside the main rapper Ryujin. The rappers really shine in the comeback, especially Ryujin and Yuna, but Lia and Chaeryeong do too bring out their exquisite vocals to the song. The song has a fairly basic dance trap beat that fits the mood. They talk about stealing someone’s heart, comparing it to the mafia. They sing, If itโ€™s a sin to love you, the culprit is who? / You’ll never know”, confident they will steal your heart and you won’t even know, much like organized crime.

The choreography is filled with charisma and a cool and confident aura around them. The outfits are black and leather; dark, fitting the theme, with sets that are on fire to highlight the danger of the mafia. They incorporate much softer looks too, such as their pure white contrast outfits and the casual but trendy outfits.

Check out the music video for ‘Mafia in the Morning’ by ITZY here –

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