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It “Doesn’t make sense” anymore so lets end it, says Daybreak and Heize

Daybreak collaborates with Heize to release a new single “Doesn’t make sense” on 2 February 2021. The single was released along with an instrumental’s version.

Daybreak is a rock band with the members-

Won Suk– Vocals
Yu Jong– Guitar/Maknae (the youngest)
Sun Il– Bass
Jang-Won– Keyboard

The band made their debut in 2007 under the company Happy Robot Records with the album “Urban Lifestyle”. The band collaborated with Heize, a singer-songwriter, rapper and composer who made her debut in 2014.

DAYBREAK – Doesn’t make sense Feat. Heize

Written and composed by Daybreak, Heize, Im Sejoo, Kim Eana, and YoonSang, “Doesn’t make sense” is a slow rock ballad. The synth and electric guitar mix are very reminiscent of the ’90s rock ballads. Heize’s and Won Suk’s voices complement each other with a sad yet relaxing tune.

The music video completely in black and white sets the vibes for the story, which is of a couple and how things end for them, literally. The band Daybreak and Heize are seen singing and playing their instruments in the background of the couple’s argument. Its like a picture from a silent movie with a bitter end.

It doesn’t make sense

It doesn’t suit you

Break up with us

Writing on one line

I can’t see one blinking star

The painful name, body temperature, lips

Daybreak- Doesn’t make sense (feat. Heize)

The lyrics are about the pain two people feel staying together. Their relationship is exhaustive and now it “Doesn’t make sense” staying together. Each feel sadness that is overwhelming and hard to understand.

Listen to the song on Spotify and Apple Music

IMAGE COURTESY- Happy Robot Records

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