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‘Inside’ LUCY’s Space Adventure

South Korean Indie band LUCY is back with their mini-album ‘Inside’

The galactic themed album tells a story of hope and warmth in three parts. 

1. Stove

Written by: Won- sang Cho, Sang-yeop Shin, Ye- chan Shin

Composed by: Won-sang Cho, O.YEON

2. Hero

Written by: Won- sang Cho, Sang-yeop Shin, Ye- chan Shin

Composed by: Won-sang cho, O.YEON

3. Outro

Composed by: Won-sang Cho, O.YEON

Album credits

The stove” depicts the past of the speaker. A lonely and indescribable youth encouraged by someone, the speaker looks at the bonfire and slowly focuses on the positive situation given to him. Holding onto the bonfire as the sole source of warmth, the song ends with only a faint commitment to be someone to lean on.

In contrary to the title track “Hero“, the speaker does not consider himself a hero. However, he seems to have realized that everyone lives in their own world and is bound to be the main character in it. 

wings that cut through the sky

I don’t have the power of great power.

Yeah, by your side,

I feel like I’m the main character.

Hero Translated Lyrics

The album ends with the “outro” which binds the two preceding songs together. It heralds a series of masterpieces that are hard to limit on the scale, the landscapes you have imagined so far are simply zoomed out, the black screen opens and the story LUCY tries to tell finally ends. 

The music video seems to have taken inspiration from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry‘s Little Prince. It shows the boys enchanted by a magical Rose which guides them to their magical adventure, trying to find a home for it in the world outside. 

Check out the music video for “Hero” here –

[MV] LUCY – Hero

Image/video courtesy: MYSTIC STORY

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