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iKON questions separation in ‘Why Why Why’

ikon why why why

YG’s Boy-group iKON recently made a comeback with a digital single titled ‘Why Why Why’. The single and its Music Video were released on 3 March 2020.

This comeback is said to portray a more mature, grown-up side of IKON as compared to their debut image.

Watch the music video for iKON – β€˜μ™œμ™œμ™œ (Why Why Why)’ here –

iKON – Why Why Why

The song is written by Sonny, LIL G, CHOICE37, LP, and member BOBBY. All of them are credited as composers of the song as well. LP, CHOICE37, and Sonny also fulfill the duties regarding the arrangement of the song.

The song packs a sad, regretful emotion on a rather upbeat production. The composition of the song makes the vocals bring out the emotions while the music production leans towards the dance-dominated image of iKON. Although this might sound a bit disjoint on paper, the actual product does come out beautifully well-made. The outro strips off most of the instrumentals to lead the song to a dramatically void ending.

The lyrics are about the pain and disbelief that a person experiences when he or she is separated from their love. The feelings of regret are profound throughout the song. While there might be this passive thought that the song is centered around former member B.I, It’s difficult to prove this substantially.

Here’s the Spotify player for you to enjoy the song:

The music video for iKON’s Why Why Why is pretty much in-line with the lyrics. Dejected expression and things like withering flowers, a flooded room, or the burning vehicle set the tone for most parts of it. iKON is known to be a dance group so unsurprisingly performance sequences also occupy a lot of screen-time, especially during the chorus.

Currently, iKON is also a part of Mnet’s Reality survival show – ‘KINGDOM’. To know more about it, check out “KINGDOM Flaunts iKON, BToB, ATEEZ and more in their line up β€’ Hallyure


Image: μ™œμ™œμ™œ (Why Why Why) – λ²…μŠ€ (

Video: iKON – YouTube

Courtesy of YG Entertainment

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