“Idealism”, an expression of Colde’s thoughts and ideals

Colde released his new EP “Idealism” on 25 January 2021. The EP has a total of 7 tracks off which “The Museum” is the title track. The EP also saw a pre-release for the song “Lighter” on 23 January 2021, which also got a music video along with the title track.

A well-known figure in the K R&B genre, Colde made his debut as a soloist in 2018 with the EP “Wave”. He entered the Korean music industry as part of the duo group OFFONOFF alongside 0channel under HIGHGRND of YG Entertainment. The singer-songwriter and rapper has also collaborated with a few artists like Woogie, Heize, and Khakii to name a few.

The album was written completely by Colde himself and is an expression of his thoughts about Idealism, which he describes in the album as “A mental attitude that strives for the realization of some ultimate purpose or value“.

The track list for the album is as follows-

  1. Lighter
  2. Wolf
  3. The Museum
  4. Dream
  5. Tunnel
  6. A Song Nobody Knows
  7. Blue Candle
Colde – The Museum

The title track “The Museum” is a romantic song characterized by slow beats from the bass and drums combination, majorly showcased by the acoustic guitar backed by the keyboard. The song is composed and produced by Colde and basecamp.

The music video features Colde in a museum admiring a painting (the album cover) accompanied by a group of people, notably a woman who sits next to him in the beginning of the song. He tries not to look at her or reach out for her hand. As she moves on from the painting Colde walks/levitates around the museum looking for her but to his luck ends back at the painting, this time alone.

The lyrics and song description hint that Colde who was looking for art to appreciate ends up falling in love with a woman; “the art”. The song describes his feelings for her and how they overwhelm him.

COlde – Lighter

“Lighter”, which was a pre-release to the album also got its own music video. Colde is seen in two different scenes of a winter morning and dim night rocking out with his friends. The explicit lyrics is a call to the youth to start the lighter and illuminate their way towards fulfilling their ideals and dreams without fear or regret.

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