“I Am Love”, an embodiment of love by E-THE

Singer-songwriter and Indie artist E the released her latest single, “Flowering” on June 15, 2021, with the title track, “I Am Love.” A live performance clip of the same was released a month later on July 13, 2021. This single comes five months after her previous single, “The Letter” released in January of this year.

About “I Am Love”

I Am Love” is a song of the R&B genre that has been fully written by E the herself. The song has been co-composed by E the and 김승재 (Seungjae Kim.)

The song lyrics speak of love as E the does not talk of love as just an emotion but rather embodies the very sentiment. To E the, love is akin to the process of a flower blooming. Stolen glances and affectionate words make love blossom, to a point that one becomes love itself.

“I am love, you’re my lover,

You planted a flower in me,

Now I can only look at you,

You are everywhere”

I Am Love – E the

The chill piano and guitar melody add to the soothing atmosphere of the song. E the’s soft and emotive vocals are able to convey the meaning of the lyrics beautifully. 

The live performance clip of the song shows E the singing the song amidst flowers in bloom. The clip captures the beauty of love.

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