Huh Gak sings of heartbeat in latest track, “How did we”

Soloist, Huh Gak has released his latest full length album titled, “Hello”, along with a music video the title track, “How did we” on December 28, 2020. The album is special as it is his ten year anniversary album. The album is nostalgic to both Huh Gak as well as his fans, and even the album name pays homage to the title track of his first mini album.

The album consists of a total of twelve songs, with two new songs, “How did We” and “Best View”, 2020 versions of the songs, “Hello” and “I can only say I want to die”, as well as eight of his best songs that have been released over these ten years.

“How did we” is a song of the ballad genre which utilizes the sound of rich strings as well as the piano. It has been written by Yang Jae Seon and composed by bigguryobin

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Huh Gak – How did we

The song sings of the feelings of heartbreak one feels after a breakup. It is filled with regret and desperation, as it reminisces the memories spent together, and hoping that his lover finds a better person. However, the singer is still unable to comprehend the breakup and it leaves him feeling heartbroken,

“How did we break up?

It’s a name I’ve called countless times,

I was so desperate.

How can I ever forget?

While pretending to be an adult,

I turn around and cry again like a child.”

Huh Gak – How did we

The desperation of the song can be heard through Huh Gak’s emotive and powerful vocals as he belts out notes while having a delicate touch showing his true feelings. The string instruments as well as the piano in the background only add to the atmosphere of the song.

Still from the music video (Huh Gak – How did we)

The music video for the song is a perfect complement, as it shows Huh Gak reminiscing the best memories spent with his lover and tearing up as he packs her things away. The video captures the meaning of the song beautifully.

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Hello by Huh Gak


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