Hi-Lite Record’s 10 year “Legacy” that “U DUNNO”

Hi-Lite Records’ celebrated their 10th anniversary through a compilation album named “Legacy”. The full album consists of 14 tracks with “Kid Rock” being the title track. The music video for the track “U DUNNO” was released on the 13 September 2020. The music credits for the album are as follows: 

Title  Lyricist Producer 
Simple Things  Paloalto, 
Huckleberry P, 
Owell Mood 
Trynna Be  Soovi, Swervy, 
Owell Mood 
UGP, Soovi 
u dunno  Sway D, Paloalto,
Huckleberry P, jerd,
UGP, Paloalto,
YEZZIR  Paloalto,
Huckleberry P,
Reddy, G2 
JINBO the Superfreak,
Bad Bad Bad jerd, Huckleberry P,
jerd, Paloalto, Nam Munseok, 
Huckleberry P 
Ooh La La Paloalto, Swervy,
Huckleberry P, Sway D 
Big Banana, Paloalto, Swervy, Huckleberry P, Sway D 
Organization Sway D, Swervy,
 Owell Mood, YunB 
D.R.E.A.M. Soovi, YunB,
Yosi, Soovi, YunB, Swervy 
Ain’t Got Time Soovi, Owell Mood,
Big Banana, UGP, Park Kiseong, Soovi, Owell Mood, Reddy 
Cool Kids, Part 3 Evo, 
Huckleberry P 
Jerd, Paloalto 
Sway D vs. Sway D Paloalto, Sway D Welcome Ian 
U DUNNO Reddy, Soovi, Paloalto, 
Owell Mood, Swervy 
UGP, Paloalto 
Step Jowonu, Soovi, Huckleberry P, jerd, Swervy Stally 
Kid Rock (Title) Paloalto, jerd, Reddy, Soovi Yosi, Paloalto 
Music Credits

Delving Deep into “U DUNNO”

The Video  –

The music video shows all the rap artists to be some supposed agents carrying a suitcase along with them. This suitcase is the baton that decides who is speaking or talking to the viewer.

Check out the official music video of “U DUNNO” performed by Reddy, Soovi, Paloalto, Owell Mood, and Swervy!

Reddy, Soovi, Paloalto, Owell Mood and Swervy – U DUNNO

The Music 

The rap and hip-hop genre is quite clear in the track. Every artist adds a new dimension to the song. The layering has a touch of electronic music and mainly has a bass guitar melody to it

The Lyrics

They talk about things people speak without knowing about someone or something. The pain of letting the opinions of others get to you. The rappers opt for the other way where they block these things by replying “you don’t know” so hold that tongue.

What you know about me 
You better wake up 
and pop your bubble 
Ain’t trynna be perfect 
I’m just trynna be me 
So let me live my life 

Reddy, Soovi, Paloalto, Owell Mood and Swervy – U DUNNO

About Hi-Lite Records  

Hi-Lite Records was founded by Paloalto in the year 2010 to promote budding K- Hip-hop in Korea. It is home to amazing artists like Huckleberry PJerdJowonuOwell MoodPaloaltoReddy, Soovi, Sway DSwervyYosiYunB, and Pinodyne. You can visit their official site here.  

Thank you for being with us and building a legacy together for the last 10 years of Hi-Lite Records. We look forward to the even brighter future with you for the next decade.” 

Hi-Lite Records on their 10 year anniversary

The music video for the title track “Kid Rock” was released earlier in August, you can watch that video here – 

Paloalto, Jerd, Rddy, Soovi – Kid Rock

A live mix of some songs from the album was also released on MUPLY  youtube channel – 

The music video for “u dunno” ft SwayD, Paloalto, Huckleberry P, Jerd and Jowonu was released on October 18 on Hi-Lite official channel. You can watch the video here!

Album available on various music platforms: 

Apple Music||Spotify||Melon||Genie||Bugs||FLO||VIBE||Naver Music||Soribada

Listen on Spotify here: 


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