Have a cup of ‘Coffee’ with Kyuhyun; new release

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun released his latest spring single ‘Coffee‘ on 14 April 2021, which is a continuation of his Four Seasons Project. The single is written, composed, and arranged by Kenzie and is a part of Kyuhyun’s 2021 Project.

2021 Project” began last year and has since showcased Kyuhyun’s versatile musical color; with him releasing singles capturing the very essence of each season, such as ‘Dreaming’, ‘Daystar’, and ‘Moving On‘.

Coffee‘ is an exotic medium tempo pop ballad song, with a jazzy EP and an instrumental string arrangement. The song describes the feeling of falling in love with an old friend, and the inevitable jealousy that bubbles when they don’t see the blooming feelings outright. The song compares the jealousy the singer feels to a cup of coffee, the soothing nature of it overlapped with bitterness. The song captures the playfulness of youth, amplifying it with the emotions of a young, budding romance.

In a cold coffee cup, in a coffee cup, in that coffee cup

There’s no scent, not even in a single bitter drop

When I see you spacing out these days

I’m not in that coffee cup

Coffee by Kyuhyun Translated Lyrics

The music video features actors Gong Myung, and Chae Soo-bin, who also played the roles of old lovers in Kyuhyun’s last release ‘Moving On’.

Watch the music video for “Coffee” here –

KYUHYUN 규현 ‘커피 (Coffee)’ MV

Image/Video Courtesy: SM Entertainment

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