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GyeongseoYeji (ft. Ashatree) new release “Might not know”

GyeongseoYeji released their new single “Might not know” featuring Ashatree on 4 April 2021. The duo is under Everglow Inc.

This ballad marks their comeback after the release of their single “Why has your love changed” in October 2020. The duo made their debut in April 2020 with the single “Actually I miss you” featuring Gunhoo. Ashatree who are featured in this single are trainees under the same company and are yet to make their official debut.

The song, written and composed by Sang Won Han and Ji Eun Lee, is about love that goes unnoticed. The words of the one they love makes a great impact on them. Their heart is almost at the brink of exploding from all the love for them. Only they hold a special place and are loved sing GyeongseoYeji and Ashatree.

The music video features both duos singing together with the hills adorned by autumn’s beauty as a backdrop. Both duo’s equally showcase their vocal prowess blessing the audience with harmonies and falsettos. The song is composed mainly of the piano.

The song was also released with a version that featured the violin, guitar, bass and synth in the instrumentals. A video for this version was also released on 5 April 2021. The video features the girls singing their hearts out. The video is accompanied with Korean lyrics for the audience to sing along.

GyeongseoYeji – Might not know

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IMAGE courtesy- Everglow Inc
VIDEO courtesy- Kakao Entertainment

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