Golden Child sets off on a new journey with ‘Pump It Up’

Woollim Entertainment’s 10-member boy group Golden Child recently released their 2nd Mini-album called ‘Pump It Up’. Having been made available on streaming platforms on 7th October, the album consists of 3 tracks and a music video.

The lead single of the album is titled ‘Pump It Up‘ and is a fast-paced dance song about the flutters in one’s heart thinking of one’s crush. The song is written and composed by ‘Mospick’, who had also worked on Golden Child’s debut, along with members Jangjoon and TAG. The music video is a refreshing watch, featuring the members in different scenarios, coupled with the group’s attractive choreography.

GOLDEN CHILD 2nd Single ‘Pump It Up’ MV

The second track in the album, ‘That Guy’ is a song of longing, singing of the feelings felt seeing one’s romantic interest with someone else. ‘Please don’t hold hands with that guy, please come to me’ is the appeal of this track. Contradicting the other two tracks in the album, this one is relatively more delicate and showcases the softer side of Golden Child. ‘That Guy‘ is written, composed and arranged by Space Cowboy, Zeenan, Jay Hong, mOnSteR nO.9, CROQ and Voradory.

Lean On Me‘, the final track on Pump It Up is a warm song of a promise to protect the lover and keep them happy. It is a retro-style song with elements of rock and synthesizers playing a major role in the sound. This song is written and composed by STAINBOYS, Soloist Kim Jeong Woo and Stardust with Golden Child members Jangjoon and TAG.

Altogether, the 2nd Single Album ‘Pump It Up’ can be seen as a fresh start after the wrapping up of Golden Child’s ‘Finding The Self’ trilogy early this year. The three songs tell three parts of a love story in progression. ‘Pump It Up‘ is available to listen to on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

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