Get ‘Alcohol-Free’ drunk with Twice in the new release

Twice released the music video for their new single ‘Alcohol-Free’ on 9 June 2021. The single is part of the mini album ‘Taste of Love’ which is set to release on 11 June 2021. The EP consists of 6 tracks including the title track and the B-sides had lyrical input from the members.


TWICE, a group under JYP Entertainment, make their comeback with this EP after 8 months since the release of their second regular album in October 2020 ‘Eyes wide open’. The track list for the album is as follows-

Song NameWritten byComposed by
Alcohol-FreeJin Young ParkJin Young Park
First TimeJihyoRick Parkhouse, George TIzzard,
Jade Thirlwall, Sophie ‘Frances’ Cooke
ScandalDahyunKristoffer Tømmerbakke,
Erik Smaaland, Alida Garpestad Peck
ConversationSanaChris Mears, Robbie McDade,
Rebbi James
Baby Blue LoveNayeonKaren Poole, Anne Judith Wik,
Ronny Vidar Svendsen, Nermin,
SOSDahyunHyundo Lee, Chloe Latimer, GLOW
Song Credits

The EP aims to remind listeners of the moment of falling in love. Each track has its own role, and all together are set to induce an atmosphere of romance. ‘Alcohol-Free’ is a song that talks about falling head over heels for someone as they use the phrase “I’m drunk in you”.

The members say that they are ‘Alcohol-Free’ yet drunk because they are in love. Bewitched by love, they can’t seem to sleep or think straight. Even with an alcohol percentage of 0.0% and some good rest, they still seem drunk and hazy.

The song takes inspiration from Latin Music with the acoustic guitar and piano being the star of the rhythm. The summer themed song has chirpy and cheerful vibe and makes you feel lighthearted and happy; exactly how you’d feel when in love.

TWICE – Alcohol-Free

The music video implements colorful props and outfits and is set in different locations that scream summer. The choreography includes elements of Latin dance fits the song perfectly. The girls are seen making drinks with sweet and refreshing ingredients, including words and gestures of love.

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IMAGE/VIDEO Courtesy- JYP Entertainment

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